Eco-friendly tips

The Responsible Motorhomer

Travelling in a motorhome is an idea most people have thought about. Since it allows you to go on adventures and explore new places, while at the same time ensuring the safety and comfort of the travellers. However, to be a motorhomer means that you have to be responsible and respectful to the people, the places and the environment around you. So, we compiled the key aspects of being a responsible motorhomer in the image below.
For further knowledge, we also suggest reading and sharing the key aspects of being a responsible tourist by the Route of National Road No. 2.

Eco-friendly tips

As a Motorhome Ecopark, we care about making small eco-friendly choices that can have a big impact in supporting nature and our planet.
We also want our guests to join us in taking care of the planet for future generations. So on the following images we suggest several tips which can contribute to reduce our “footprint”.

Bug Hotel

The Bug Hotel is the latest addition to our Ecopark. Now we not only welcome motorhomers but also insects, such as solitary bees. We are very curious about which species are going to use our Bug Hotel as shelter.

How to RECYCLE in Portugal

Recycling is done differently from country to country and it is very important to know how to do it correctly. Here in Portugal recycle bins come in three colours: yellow for plastic, blue for paper and green for glass. At our park, we also have two other bins: brown for compost and black for the remaining trash. In the image below, there are some examples of how to correctly separate your trash.

In case of doubt, there is an icon on the package of the product specifying the correct recycle bin that it should be disposed of. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any doubt about recycling!


You can also find a compost bin for the organic waste at our Motorhome Ecopark. However, it is important to know that not all organic waste can go in the compost bin.

What to dispose of

– Vegetables and fruit
– Smashed egg shells
– Loose tea leaves
– ​Flowers

What NOT to dispose of

– Meat, fish and seafood leftovers
– Citrus fruit
– Milk products
– Ash and cigarrete butts
– Pills or chemically-treated plants
– Pet’s excrement
– ​Non-biodegradable items

The Eco-friendly Motorhome

For those who are conscious about the impact of Man in the environment and want to know more about what you can do to protect nature and our planet, the following images will give you some ideas of where to start. And remember, every effort counts no matter how simple it is.

The following tips focus on reducing the consumption of plastic-based products and on saving potable water in the bathroom and in the kitchen of a motorhome.

All in all, the common tip on using less plastic is to buy less (or not buy at all) disposable plastic products. Instead, opt for reusable alternatives or compostable products. The best tip on saving water is to treat it as an important yet scarce resource.

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